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Debunking the Top Skin Care Myths

Debunking the Top Skin Care Myths

If you’re reading this, chances are that you have, by now, come across a slew of fanciful skincare anecdotes and myths that have managed to visibly shake your foundation in the institution altogether. For our part, we don’t blame you. Every other day as a new skincare product or routine gets launched in the market, a bevy of tall marketing and advertising tales accompany it as well. 

Rise of Skin Care Myths

Though the inherent purpose of these supplements is to drive up the sales numbers, what they eventually end up doing is distort the general perception of the average individual beyond repair. The majority of non-organic skincare and cosmetic products out there have, thus, in essence given rise to such a vast number of skin care myths that the line between fact and fiction now stands incredibly blurred. The purpose of this article, hence, is to debunk some of the most widespread skincare myths out there. By the end of this article, not only will you emerge a more educated consumer, but also a highly responsible one as well. Read on to plan your next home care online shopping spree at the earliest!  

Sleeping in your makeup

The idea of getting rid of your makeup after a long, and tiring day is rather exhausting. However, no matter how challenging and daunting the prospect might seem, you should never go to bed with your lipstick, mascara, or foundation on. Sleeping with your makeup on gives rise to the undesirable phenomenon of clogged pores.

 This is primarily because sleeping in your makeup allows it to mix and react with the oil, dirt, debris, and other pollutants that exist on your skin, resulting in the formation of toxic and insoluble compounds. Besides causing breakouts, the debris and pollutants that constitute the clogged pores can threaten to break down your collagen, effectively sowing the seeds for accelerated aging over time. Hence, to avoid the onslaught of all of these unwanted eventualities you are always advised to wipe your face clean of makeup before you decide to call it a night. 

Using Sunscreen

One of the most common skincare myths that exists out there revolves around the usage of sunscreen. The most commonly accepted notion is that one needs to apply sunscreen only if its sunny and bright outside. However, that is not entirely true. While sunscreen is more of a necessity on days that are increasingly sunny and for long days at the beach, they are equally vital when it comes to overcast weather conditions are well. On days when the skies are grey, the application of broad-spectrum SPF becomes rather necessary. 

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, an individual stands the risk of getting burned even on cloudy and overcast days. Thus, one is always advised to put on sunscreen whenever they head out, irrespective of the weather conditions in which they find themselves in. Exposing your skin directly to the sun without any protection results in irreversible damage over time and can manifest itself gradually in the form of visible aging signs such as dark spots and wrinkles. No matter what your skin tone is, you should make it a point to include sunscreen as a compulsory component of your skincare routine. 

Tanning Beds vs Natural Sunlight

Let’s settle this debate for once and for all. Tanning beds are just plain bad for your skin and comes nowhere close to providing the necessary nutrients and vitamins to your body that natural sunlight is capable of. According to the Mayo Clinic, tannings beds cannot, under any set of circumstances, be considered as a safer and more viable alternative to natural sun rays. Tanning beds expose your skin directly to ultraviolet rays that not only increase your risk of skin cancer, but also trigger accelerated skin aging. So, the next time you start to entertain the idea of a fake bake, you better think twice about its long-standing consequences as well.  

Using Eye Cream

Another widely accepted misconception that exists out there is that one should opt for an eye cream only in the event of eye bags or dark circles. The matter of the fact is that one need not wait for visible signs of aging around their eyes to use eye cream. At the outset, you must understand that the skin around your eyes is relatively thinner and more delicate than the other parts of your face. Consequently, when it comes to displaying signs of aging, this portion of your face takes top position. Hence, it is never too early to start applying eye cream. Just be sure to choose one that aligns with the nature and type of your skin.

Go Natural with Essentials by Nature:

At Essentials by Nature, promoting wellness through the power of nature is our primary objective. Made exclusively out of natural essential oils and other plant-based, all-natural ingredients, our skincare products pride themselves in being free of chemicals, parabens, dyes, synthetic fragrances, sulphates, and formaldehydes, and acting as the perfect therapy for your skin. Additionally, our extremely curated Luxe Collection in Canada prides itself in catering to a wide audience demographic, and managing to meet their needs and requirements without breaking a sweat.

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