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Why You Should Switch to Natural Skin Care Products Right Now

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Over the years, the lifestyles of the majority of us out there have undergone rather tectonic shifts. From coping with exploding population numbers to adapting to incredibly hybrid workplace settings, the dynamism of everyday life has more or less pushed everyone to constantly be on their toes at all times. Subsequently, in a bid to stay ahead of the curve, people started foraging for sustainable lifestyle improvement techniques. Ultimately, this led them down the organic path. 

Rise of The Organic Culture 

In the current scheme of things, terms like “organic lifestyle” and “natural produce” are no longer fancy buzzwords with a niche following. The organic movement, which primarily stemmed from the food industry, has now found widespread appreciation and endorsement to scale up and take footing in a host of other industries as well. Most significantly, its ripples have been felt of late in the fashion and skin care industry. 

Slowly but surely, people are now opening their eyes to the perils that synthetic skin care products pose, both to themselves as well as the environment at large. Every time we apply something on our skins, roughly 60% of it gets absorbed into our bloodstream. With that statistic in the picture, imagine the kind of horror you are subjecting your skin to by using non-organic skin care products that are replete with toxins and synthetic chemicals. Our skin is the largest living and breathing organ of our body, and thus having an active and conscious skin care routine in place should be among our foremost concerns.

If you are someone who’s still into synthetic products, then it’s high time that you reconsidered your choices. Read on to find out about the benefits of skin care natural products and plan your next home care online shopping checklist accordingly.


Natural and organic skin care products are eons better for the environment than their non-organic counterparts. This is because of a number of reasons. Firstly, the synthetic chemicals that are a part of most non-organic products are generally corrosive in nature and tend to have a harmful effect on the plants and animals that accidentally come in contact with it. Secondly, these chemicals give rise to a host of different synthetic products and compounds. When these products seep into the ground, they spell doom for their surrounding ecosystems. 

Lastly, and most importantly, the processes that go into manufacturing non-organic skin care products cause environmental stress of massive proportions. This is primarily because the composition of synthetic products entails certain ingredients that can only be extracted by mining. Besides causing large-scale pollution, mining activities also leave a negative carbon footprint on the environment at large. Since organic skin care products include only natural occurring substances in their composition, they eliminate the need of such environmentally harmful activities.

Safer for The Skin

In comparison to synthetic skin care products, natural products are a whole lot safer for our skins. This is because natural skin care products consist of ingredients that are free of chemicals and toxins unlike their synthetic counterparts. Every time you apply a synthetic lotion on your skin, the chemicals contained in it seep slowly into your bloodstream and are subsequently circulated within your body. Consequently, they end up having an adverse effect on many of the body’s processes.

In contrast, the components of natural skin care products not only shield us from negative health effects but also compliments our fundamental body functions in most cases. Moreover, up to 95% of an organic skin care product’s contents comprises active ingredients which are considered to be extremely healthy for the skin. On the contrary, most synthetic products comprise only 5-10% active ingredients. 

Involves No Animal Testing

Some of the biggest names in the cosmetic industry validate their products by carrying out routine testing on animals. This is usually a rigorous and unsympathetic process that subjects these creatures to unimaginable levels of torture and cruelty. Recently, the plight of these animals came under considerable spotlight and discussion courtesy of “Save Ralph”, a stop motion animated mockumentary short film written and directed by Spencer Susser.

Natural skin care products completely forego animal testing, which automatically makes them much more ethical and empathetic than a major chunk of synthetic brands out there. If you’re someone who feels very strongly about animal cruelty, then switching to organic skin care products should be a no-brainer for you.

Consists of Beneficial Nutrients

In order to understand the difference between natural and synthetic skin care products, one needs to look no further than their ingredients columns. On an average synthetic product, you’ll come across names such as Glyceryl Stearate, Petrolatum, Triclosan, and the like which are nothing but chemical compounds that are synthesised in a laboratory. While they are purported to have a beneficial effect on our skins, their cons far outweigh their pros.

On the other hand, the ingredient profile of a natural skin care product packs names such as apple juice, jojoba oil, lemon juice, argan oil, and the kind which are not only familiar to our ears but which also occur naturally all around us. These substances contain vitamins and compounds such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and alpha-hydroxy acid among others which are known to have a beneficial impact on our skins.

Go Natural with Essentials by Nature:

At Essentials by Nature, promoting wellness through the power of nature is our primary objective. Made exclusively out of natural essential oils and other plant-based, all-natural ingredients, our skincare products pride themselves in being free of chemicals, parabens, dyes, synthetic fragrances, sulphates, and formaldehydes, and acting as the perfect therapy for your skin. Additionally, our extremely curated Luxe Collection in Canada prides itself in catering to a wide audience demographic and managing to meet their needs and requirements without breaking a sweat. 

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